2013 A Gathering Under the Oaks


This year our Quilt Show Chairs organized the quilts in showcases to tell the story of a single quilter at a time. Therefore, you will notice that each photo below is identified by the showcase number and the name of the particular creator. The showcase idea received many compliments for its originality. This arrangement of the quilts allowed us to look into the personality and vision of each quilter. The following showcases showed us how well we work together on special projects:

  1. 20 Death by Chocolate showcases the work of participants in the 2013 Block of the Month project led by Genneah Figueroa.

  2. 21 Presidents’ Showcase displays quilts created by multiple members of the Guild for outgoing presidents (name in parentheses).

  3. 46 Needlecases highlights the handiwork of Ellen Rankin, Josie Prell, Karen Dorsey-Jennings, and Nadine Cassady.