July 2017


Wendy started quilting while expecting one of her children. A defining moment in her quilting career was while making a prayer quilt with others from her church for an member of the congregation. Twenty-five years later, the effort has led to a prayer quilt mission spanning dozens of countries. The prayer quilts required simple patterns. and Wendy wanted to add some design flair to the quilts they made. As she began to teach others to quilt, her students asked her to teach “Storm at Sea.” It’s a very difficult block to assemble. Wendy developed a set of tools and an approach that results in perfectly matched points and accurate blocks. After she mastered assembly of the block, she has focused on varying color placement to create many beautiful and surprising variations of the Storm at Sea design. She was encouraged to write a book on her Storm at Sea method by C&T Publications which has recently published.

Speaker Wendy Mathson