October 2017


Rob Appell shared his evolution as a quilter from a helper and sewing machine mechanic in his mom’s shop the Cotton Ball in Moro Bay to starring in his own YouTube series “Man Sewing” and traveling the country teaching. Key turning points in his life were becoming friends with Valorie Wells, Alex Anderson, and Libby Lehman who all gave him frank advice; his ongoing recovery from alcoholism and finding faith; and getting on Alex Anderson’s television show. His work started with making ocean-inspired appliqué quilts, free-form art quilts, endangered species appliqué quilts, recently his flag quilt, and pieced quilts in collaboration with Missouri Star. He even invented a 14 mm rotary cutter to aid in making intricate pieces for his appliqué quilts.

Rob combines his love of quilting with a mission to make the world a better place. He raised $14,000 to help endangered species from his pattern sales. He is trying to raise $25,000 for Operation Homefront based on his inspiring flag quilt showing Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima. He and the Missouri Star quilter are on a mission to bring quilting to many more people through YouTube tutorials.

Our autism lap pads are based on his tutorial on “Man Sewing”.

Speaker Rob Appell