January 2016 Spotlight

Committee Spotlight: Philanthropy Committee

Philanthropy: “An act or gift done to help make life better for other people.”

The Conejo Valley Quilters has provided quilts and cash to nonprofits in the Conejo Valley thanks to our generous members and others in the community who support our work. Philanthropy is a very important part of who CVQ is and what we do.

What does Philanthropy do? Give away quilts of course! That is where Lisa and Kathy’s work begins. Members nominate charities they’d like to support, and once voted on by members, their duties have a direction. Kathy & Lisa then sort and organize donated fabric, and prepare kits for various stages of quilt creation, from piecing, quilting to binding. They set up their table at each monthly meeting to encourage members to take kits home to work on. Philanthropy has plenty of fabric, and lots of tops pieced and ready to quilt, but they are very short on quilters. Their biggest challenge is getting tops quilted so they can get them into the hands of the groups they’d like to benefit. Lisa and Kathy want to remind you that you don’t have to be an accomplished quilter to quilt something for philanthropy. “It’s not a quilt til it’s quilted,” so here’s a great opportunity to practice your quilting on a philanthropy quilt whenever you can.

When quilts are finished, Philanthropy has the pleasure of delivering those finished quilts to the very appreciative charities. Often those charities will send a representative who shares how the donated quilts impacted lives in meaningful ways. What Lisa and Kathy do is what quilters love most about quilting, they show love and caring through quilts.

This month they will host the annual “Philanthropy Sew In.” Bring your sewing machine or rotary cutter and come join in the fun of Philanthropy. Remember to say “hi” to our Philanthropy chairs and thank them for all their hard work.